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Product Description

Spt Series Oven Air Temperature Probe 

PT1000 temperature probe with 2 pin Lemo connector, designed for monitoring oven air temperatures with the cable entry through the door seal.

Also works well in between pack (non destructive) applications because it doesn’t have an obtrusive handle & has a blunt end.

– compatible with ATFX410-1 and ATFX420-1 thermometers.

Technical Specification

Colour n/a (no handle) Measuring range -50°…+250°C
Probe accuracy ±0.3°C Probe dimensions 35 x 4.0
Probe lead length 700mm Probe lead material PTFE
Probe type Bead probe Sensor Pt1000
Probe connector Two pin Lemosa (lemo) connector Warranty 1 year
Operating Ambient (Temperature) -20..+250°C Lead time In stock
Probe lead type Straight lead

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