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Product Description

ATFX410-1 Pt1000 Waterproof Thermometer


The ATFX410-1 Waterproof Ebro Thermometer is designed for a lifetime in harsh food industry conditions

  • Completely waterproof
  • Resistant to steam and condensation
  • ±0.3°C accuracy
  • 5 Year warranty


The ATFX410-1 thermometer is entirely suited for food contact and widely accepted as the standard for manufacturers, fast food and retail outlets and, of course, inspectors.

Ergonomically robust with no immediate access to fastenings, the instrument responds to hard work and takes punishment in its stride.

The unique probe connection moulding encapsulates the precision lemo connector providing full protection against total liquid immersion and most importantly – steam!

Start up sequence displays +5 and +65ºC to confirm that instrument electronics are within specification – a reassuring feature.




High risk production
Low risk production
Inspection and enforcement
Chill chain distribution
Ambient distribution
High temperature validation
Low temperature validation


Technical Data

Accuracy ±0.3°C Resolution 0.1°C
IP rating IP67 Measuring range -50°…+250°C
Sensor Pt1000 Battery life Approx. 5 years
Warranty 5 years (from 2nd April 2021) Certification Free issue certificate supplied
Operating Ambient (Temperature) -25°…+50°C Dimensions (mm) 109 x 54 x 22mm



The ATFX410-1 requires a SPT series detachable probe.  A wide range of high accuracy, compatible temperature probes for various applications are available here.

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