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Food & Beverage Labels

Our food labels in the UK come in a wide range of EU approved materials, colours and sizes to meet your exact requirement and ensure they fit seamlessly into your operations.

If required, we can supply labels to work in conjunction with your existing printing systems.

Choose from plain, part-printed or fully printed tags and labels customised to suit your individual requirements.

In addition to manufacturing food labels we also install and maintain in-house label printing systems including thermal transfer, laser or inkjet printers in mono to full colour models.

We also offer label design software, printer consumables and maintenance agreements for producers whose operations rely heavily on the ability to label in-house and on-demand.

We supply a vast range of products and solutions to the Food and Beverage Industry.

Working with our manufacturers to meet your needs, whether that is –

  1. Heat resistant metal detectable tags,
  2. Heat resistant metal detectable self-adhesive labels,
  3. Barcode/batch labels, full colour product branding labels or
  4. Labels to withstand chilled or frozen storage and distribution.

We have labelling solutions to meet every stage of the production process.

If you have any questions about our services or would like one of our team to give you a call, please get in touch to discuss your application today and see how we can help.

Metal Detectable Tags

Metal detectable tags contain a metal foil centre which, when used in conjunction with end-of-line metal detectors, prevent fragments of food production labelling from entering the food chain. 

Metal detectable tags are normally supplied in loop-lock format, as no additional fixings are required, thus reducing the risk of contamination further. The design has been developed with easy application in mind, even with gloved hands.

We supply metal detectable tags and labels in options to suit ambient and high temperature processes up to 250°C. Our solutions are hard-wearing and available in a range of bright colours to support colour coding and easy visual identification in a fast-paced environment.

Working closely with our manufacturer of bespoke labelling, we are not limited to offering stock items and can offer a tag or label in a size and specification to suit your needs.

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High Temperature Tags

Maintain full product traceability of baked goods and their ingredients, including allergen identification, using our specialised range of high temperature tags.

Our heat resistant tags withstand temperatures from -30°C to +300°C making them ideal for products which are oven baked or steamed during production but stored and distributed at low temperatures without any label degradation.  

With a variety of formats, sizes and printing options available our high temperature traceable labels are suitable for a wide range of operations and can be supplied plain or pre-printed to suit your needs. 

We would recommend the use of a thermal transfer printer for use with these tags and labels.

Low Temperature Storage & Distribution Tags

Labels which fall off or become brittle can result in unidentified produce, wastage, logistical problems and potential delivery rejection.

Working with our manufacturer, we offer a range of specialised labels which have been developed to withstand freezer and chilled storage conditions.  Our low temperature range is available in self-adhesive, self-tie, hang tag or as a rigid plastic carrier plate  to suit your operations.  You receive peace of mind knowing your products will get to market clearly identified with readable data and full traceability.

In addition to low temperature distribution labels we also supply barcode label printers, consumables and labelling software for a total solution.


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Carcase Tags

It goes without saying that resellers and consumers of meat products need to be confident each carcase has originated from a trustworthy source, has been slaughtered and transported ethically.

All of our carcase tags are compliant with the stipulations of the Foodstuffs and Consumer Act 1997.

Our self-tie carcase tags are produced using recyclable synthetic material, which is strong but flexible, for easy application. These tags are resistant to water, fat, blood, and other organic materials, thus maintaining data readability and product traceability.   

Carcase tags are available in a wide range of sizes and can be supplied plain in either white or colour to support your own colour-coding system or part-printed with your branding and specific fields such as kill date, source, animal type, weight etc. Each option can be handwritten or overprinted using a thermal transfer printer. 

Carcase tags are not limited for use on large animals only; they can also be utilised to identify trays of smaller produce such as fish and offal.

Along with the Food & Beverage Industry, we can supply to a wide range of industries.

Including –






Waste Management




If you have any questions about our services or would like one of our team to give you a call, please get in touch to discuss your application today and see how we can help.

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