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Product Description

Lumitester A3 SMART

Obtain rapid hygiene readings from your surfaces with this highly popular ATP meter – which measures more than just ATP!

By also detecting ADP and AMP, this device gives you far greater visibility and sensitivity of cleaning effectiveness and can also be used to detect the presence of allergens.  For use with VLTA-10 LuciPac A3 Swabs (purchase separately).


The A3 Lumitester Smart is a quick and simple device for hygiene control and rapid detection of food and residues on surfaces. With Bluetooth connection, the unit sends results wirelessly to your mobile or tablet, or alternatively via a cable to your PC. There is also a cloud app for storing and presenting the data.

The ATP test is one of the most commonly used hygiene tests, but in reality ATP is an unstable molecule, often converting into ADP and AMP.  This results in unreliable measurements by conventional ATP-only tests.  Using A3 technology, the Lumitester Smart detects ATP + ADP + AMP, offering unmatched sensitivity and finding the residues that were previously overlooked.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Highly sensitive, precise measurement of ATP, ADP and AMP, giving far superior sensitivity than conventional ATP meters.
  • Auto-calibration.
  • Set your own limits for pass/fail results.
  • Bluetooth connection to app for storage of measurement results in the Cloud, allowing you to access the results from anywhere.
  • Data visualisation in the app makes the measurement results easy to see and analyse in detail.


Video on the A3 System




Temperature range 5 – 40°C Weight 255g
Software Lumitester App Power supply 2 alkaline batteries (AA(
Unit of measurment RLU Data memory 2000 Analyses
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth LE (Ver4.1) Dimensions (mm) 65 x 176 x 40mm
Incubation time 10 sec Evaluation Bioluminescence



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