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Product Description

HI-902C2 Potentiometric Titrator with Colour LCD, 2 Analog Boards

The HI-902C2-02 is an automatic titrator that complements our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. HI-902C2-02 can perform acid/base, potentiometric, ORP, complexometric, precipitation, back titrations and titre determinations.


The HI-902C2-02 is an automatic titrator that complements our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. HI-902C2-02 can perform acid/base, potentiometric, ORP, complexometric, precipitation, back titrations and titre determinations.

The HI-902C2-02 dispenses the titrant, detects the endpoint and performs all necessary calculations automatically.

This versatile titrator supports up to 100 methods, standard or user defined. When powered on, the instrument initiates an internal diagnostics check and then readies itself for the first titration of the day. A large colour LCD screen clearly shows the chosen method and related information. A real-time titration curve can be shown on the display; this feature is useful when new methods are tested or when a procedure needs to be optimised. At the end of the titration, all data, including the graph, are automatically stored in memory and can be copied via the built-in USB drive or through direct connection with a PC.

This titrator is supplied with a pack of standard methods or you can create your own. Methods (standard and user) can be upgraded, stored or deleted by connecting the titrator to a PC with HANNA software or USB flash drive. Software updates can also be performed using a USB flash drive.

Users can connect pH, ORP or ISE electrodes to the HI-902C2-02, as well as create a complete workstation with a PC, monitor, keyboard and printer.

The HI-902C2-02 complies with GLP specifications. All GLP information from each sample can be stored, including ID number, date and time of analysis, electrode ID code, and last calibration date.

Four working modes: potentiometric titrator, pH meter, mV meter, and ISE meter

  • Potentiometric titrator
  • Linked titration methods allow two methods to run in sequence
  • Acid/base, non-aqueous, ORP, complexation, back, precipitation titrations and titre determination can be performed
  • Supports up to 100 titration methods (standard and user defined)
  • Supplied standard methods pack or create your own
  • Titration graph can be displayed on-screen and saved as a bitmap
  • Choice of endpoint detection: equivalence point (1st or 2nd derivative) or fixed pH/mV value
  • Reminders for titrant age and standardisation expiration
  • Multiple end-point titrations with multiple molecular weights and reaction ratios
  • Supports two burette dosing pumps with the ability to perform back titrations
  • Clip-Lock exchangeable burette system enables users to exchange burettes in a matter of seconds
  • 25 mL precision ground glass syringe with PTFE plunger
  • 40,000 step screw drive, piston dosing pump
  • 3-way motor driven valve
  • PTFE burette tubing with polyurethane tube jacketing

pH meter

  • Full featured research grade pH meter
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Up to five calibration points with automatic recognition of standard buffers
  • Up to five custom buffers can be used for calibration

mV (ORP) meter

  • Relative mV calibration

ISE meter

  • Numerous concentration units including: mol/L, mmol/L, mg/L, mg/mL, ug/L, %, ppt, ppm, g/L, and user defined
  • Up to 5 calibration points with 5 custom standards

Autosampler Connectivity

The HI-902C works seamlessly with Hanna HI-921 Autosampler featuring 16 or 18 sample tray options, automatic tray identification, and automatic beaker detection. Up to three peristaltic pumps for reagent addition and removal can be connected, plus real-time analysis and sequencing progress is visible on the HI-902C display as well as indicated by the LED lights on the Autosampler.

More features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • USB port allows for the transfer of methods and reports to a PC or another titrator via USB flash drive
  • Field upgradeable software
  • RS232 port allows direct connection to an analytical laboratory balance
  • Multi-language support

Food & drink

  • Acetic Acid vinegar
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Carbon Dioxide in beverages
  • Citric Acid orange juice
  • Free Fatty Acid FFA
  • Free and Total Sulphur Dioxide
  • Gluconic Acid honey
  • Lactic Acid dairy
  • Malic Acid apple juice
  • Nitrate
  • Oleic Acid Olive Oil
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Sodium Chloride salt
  • Acid Number of edible fats and oils
  • Peroxide Number for edible oils to determine decomposition of oil
  • Determination of Kjeldahl Nitrogen % protein
  • Reducing sugar in honey

Water & power

  • Chlorine €“ Free & Total
  • Hardness €“ Calcium & Magnesium
  • Fluoride
  • Permanganate Index
  • Titratable Acidity
  • Titratable Alkalinity

Plating industry

  • Acid Determination
  • Chloride 2-3%
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Cyanide
  • Fluoride
  • Gold
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Nickel
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Silver
  • Sodium Dichromate Determination in passivation tank: 2-3%
  • Sulphuric and Tartaric Acid in anodising electrodes
  • Tin


  • Ammonia
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Chloride
  • Free & Total Sulphur Dioxide
  • Nitrogen (formal index)
  • Total Titratable Acidity
  • Volatile Acidity (acetic acid)


  • 0.1M KOH in 2-Propanol Titrant Concentration
  • 0.1M HCl in 2-Propanol Titrant Concentration
  • 0.2M KOH in 2-Propanol Titrant Concentration
  • 0.2M HCl in 2-Propanol Titrant Concentration
  • Acid Number – Equivalence Point
  • Acid Number – Fixed End Point
  • Acid Number – Blank Value
  • Base Number – Equivalence Point
  • Base Number – Fixed End Point
  • Base Number – Blank Value

Biofuels & surfactants

  • Determination of Free Fatty Acids (carboxylic acids)
  • Iodine Number
  • Saponification Number
  • Soap Test
  • Total Sulphur

Technical Data
Range -2000.0 to 2000.0 mV
pH -2.000 to 20.000
ISE 1 x 10-6 to 9.99 x 1010
Temperature -5.0 to 105.0°C/23 to 221°F/268.2 to 378.2 K
Resolution 0.1 mV
0.1/0.01/0.001 pH

ISE 1, 0.1, 0.01
Temperature 0.1°C/0.1°F/0.1K
Accuracy (@25°C) ±0.1 mV
±0.001 pH
ISE ±0.5% monovalent; ±1% divalent
Temperature ±0.1°C/±0.2°F/±0.1K (excluding probe error
Burette Size Capability 5, 10, 25 and 50 mL
Burette Resolution 1/40000
Display Resolution 0.001 mL
Dosing Accuracy ±0.1% of full burette volume
Display 14.9cm (5.7€) 320 x 240 pixel) backlit colour LCD
Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish
Methods load up to 100 methods (standard and user-defined)
Burette Auto-Detection urette size is automatically recognised when inserted into the unit
Programmable Stirrer propeller type, 100-2500 RPM, automatically held within 10% of the set value, resolution 100 rpm
Flow Rate user-selectable from 0.1 mL/min to 2 x burette volumes/min
Temperature Compensation manual or automatic (ATC)
End-point Determination up to five point calibration, eight standard buffers and five custom buffers
pH Calibration 25 mL burette assembly (includes syringe, aspiration, and dispensing tubes)
mV Calibration single point offset
ISE Calibration up to five point calibration, seven standard solutions and five user defined standards
Potentiometric Titrations acid-base (pH or mV-mode), redox, precipitation, complexometric, non-aqueous, ion-selective, argentometric, back titrations and titre determination
Measurement Units user specified expression of concentration units to suit specific calculation requirements
Real Time & Stored Graphs mV-volume or pH-volume titration curve, 1st derivative curve or 2nd derivative curve, in pH-mode, mV-mode or ISE mode; pH/mV/concentration values versus time-datalogging results
Data Storage up to 100 titration and pH/mV/ISE reports
USB Host (Side) flash drive compatibility for transfers of methods and reports
Peripherals (Rear) connections for VGA display, PC-keyboard, parallel printer, USB device input, RS232, interface for future expansion
GLP Conformity instrumentation data storage and printing capabilities
Operating Environment 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F), up to 95% RH
Storage Environment -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F), up to 95% RH
Power €œ-01€ models: 115VAC; €œ-02€ models: 230VAC; 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 390 x 350 x 380 mm (15.3 x 13.8 x 14.9 in)
Weight approximately 10 kg (22 lbs.) with one pump and stirrer assembly

Ordering Information:

HI-902C2-02 (230V) titrator with one analog board includes stirrer with stand, 25 mL glass burette, dosing pump drive, temperature sensor, USB cable, 256 Mb USB flash drive and PC software.

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