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Product Description

Aquapal III Coulometric Karl Fischer


Aquapal Low Moisture Applications


  • Transformer, turbine/ lubricating, crude & fuel oils
  • EHC fluid Chemical solvents & streams glycols/glycerol’s – – polyols & plastics MTBE
  • R-Temp
  • Jet & diesel fuels
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoline’s
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Natural & processed gases
  • Alcohols



The  Aquapal with standard paper printer backs up tests with hard-copy results.

Carry the Aquapal to remote locations, run tests and return with the printed report.

The  Aquapal III delivers fast, hassle-free moisture measurement for lab and field work.

Simple prompts like Ready and wait step you through a test.

Just add sample. Results and calculations print automatically, freeing operator to perform other tasks.

Sealed titration vessel protects your test results from ambient moisture and allows sample introduction through septum or gas inlet tube.

Test time as quick as twenty seconds.



  • Method: Coulometric Karl Fischer
  • Speed: 2mg/minute
  • Range: 1ppm to 100%
  • Sensitivity: 0.1ug
  • Precision: 0.5% at 1mg
  • Calculation: Weight, Volume or Dilution
  • Construction: Lab or Field use
  • Dimensions: 14″ W x 8″ D x 10.8″ H
  • Drift Correction: Automatic
  • Result format: PPM / % / ug
  • Display: 32 character alphanumeric LCD
  • Printer: built-in with standard paper
  • Weight: 15lbs
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