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Product Description

Cook’s Thermometer for confectionery, frying & jam

Product code: 800-806

jam thermometer, cook’s thermometer and toffee thermometer

  • Thermometer for making jam, preserves, toffee and caramel
  • Clearly marked scales in °C /°F
  • Incorportates retaining clip
  • Stainless steel casing

The cook’s thermometer, toffee thermometer and jam thermometer indicates temperature over the range of 40 to 200°C in 2°C divisions.

The combined jam thermometer, toffee thermometer and cook’s thermometer is clearly marked for jam, caramel, hard crack, crack, soft crack, hard ball, firm ball, soft ball and thread, deep fry and sterilise.
The scale also incorporates a handy immersion level indicator.

The jam, toffee, cook’s thermometer’s stainless steel casing measures 50 x 240mm plus 90mm plastic handle.

Simply insert thermometer into the liquid being measured to the level indicated and read the temperature

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