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Product Description

X-Ray Detectable Plasters

Product Description

The dressings are made from a thin, elastic polyurethane film making them comfortable to wear as well as waterproof and impermeable to oil and fat. The absorbent, low adherent wound pad and breathable film reduce the risk of maceration. A skin-friendly, acrylic adhesive provides secure adhesion ensuring the dressings stay in place. The film provides a viral and bacterial barrier helping to prevent wound infection.

Please note: These products are not compatible with metal detection systems when used in conjunction with aluminium foil packaging, due to similarity with the detectable attributes of the plasters

• X-ray detectable: tungsten filaments

• Detectable by conventional metal detection systems

• Highly visible bright blue body colour for easy visual identification

• Skin friendly acrylic adhesive and latex free

• Waterproof and impermeable to oil and fat

• 5 year product shelf life


Various sizes and pack sizes available

• 7.2cm x 2.2cm X-Ray Visible Plasters (Pack 100)

• 7.2cm x 5cm X-Ray Visible Plasters (Pack 100)

• Assorted X-Ray Visible Plasters (Pack 95)



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