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Product Description

Product Description

The dressings are made from a thin, elastic polyurethane film making them conformable to wear as well as waterproof and impermeable to oil and fat. The absorbent, low adherent wound pad and breathable film reduce the risk of maceration. A skin-friendly, acrylic adhesive provides secure adhesion ensuing the dressings stay in place. The film provides a viral and bacterial barrier helping to prevent wound infection.

Metal Detectability

All plasters contain a strip of aluminium film, detectable as non-ferrous. Manufacturer recommendations state that the metal detector sensitivity should be ideally set to at least 2.5mm non-ferrous. Please note: These products are not compatible with metal detection systems when used in conjunction with aluminium foil packaging, due to similarity with the detectable attributes of the plasters. BST recommend that all our products be thoroughly tested on your metal detection systems by a trained and certified professional. It may be the case that your equipment needs to be recalibrated in order to reliably detect this product and its fragments. Such a professional should be available by contacting the manufacturer of your metal detection system.

X-Ray Visibility

All plasters contain a tungsten strip securely embedded behind the wound pad. With an atomic number of 74 tungsten is one of the densest readily available metals in the world, so theoretically provides a strong contrast in most food industry x-ray inspection applications. As always – the product should be tested with your particular food products and inspection equipment to confirm compatibility, as performance will vary based on product & packaging density amongst other factors. We recommend that this testing is carried out by a trained and certified professional.

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