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Wireless Alert PRO TC

Bulk pricing available for quantities of 25 units or more

Thermocouple Temperature Limit Alert Sensor


FilesThruTheAir’s WA-PRO-TC is a thermocouple temperature limit alert sensor from our Wireless Alert PRO range. The sensor provides alerts via in-app notifications or emails when high and low temperature limits, set between -200 to +1300 °C (-328 to +2372 °F), are breached (range dependent on probe type). The device is permanently powered via USB-C, and can also be paired with our Wireless Alert PRO-UPS back-up battery to ensure continued operation during power outages.

Setup and configure your device in minutes using the free FilesThruTheAirApp. Configuration options include connection to a Wi-Fi network, temperature and humidity limit selection and notification options. Notifications can be direct to your smartphone or by email. Emailed scheduled summary reports detailing minimum, maximum and average temperature, power status, number of alerts, and total time spent in alert are also available. A quick look at the FilesThruTheAir app dashboard will show the alert status and last reported reading of any devices connected to your account.


Wireless Alert PRO TC is a professional wireless temperature sensor that alerts users via push-notifications or email if a user-set level is reached. Simply setup and configure your device using the free FilesThruTheAir mobile app.

  • Thermocouple temperature limit alert sensor from the FilesThruTheAir Wireless Alert PRO range
  • Configurable high and low alert limits
  • Monitor ultra-low temperature storage, boiler operation and many other applications
  • Wi-Fi-connected
  • Get notified and view the latest status of your device using the FilesThruTheAir app
  • Receive email alerts and scheduled status reports
  • Flashing alert indicator
  • Permanently powered via USB-C (Back-up battery accessory available)
  • No ongoing subscription fees



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