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Product Description

The LogTag uTrix-16 is a user configurable, multiple use temperature data logger with direct USB connection and PDF reporting.

The uTrix-16 LogTag data logger is a user configurable, multiple use temperature data logger with direct USB connectivity and automated PDF reports.

It is Ideally suited to both static and shipping applications where there is a level of control enabling users to retrieve and reuse their temperature data loggers. Coupled with a market leading price tag the uTrix-16 data logger offers MHRA wholesalers and quality departments in hospitals affordable solutions to record temperatures in a wide range of refrigerated appliances and incubators.

Download the free LogTag data logger Analyzer software to configure the data logger. Please note it is not needed to create finished PDF reports. Optional analysis can be performed by plotting saved data in graphical, tabular, statistical formats and cross referencing multiple plots on one time line.

It does not require a bespoke USB interface and is supplied with a USB cap, instructions, 2nd label for shipping labels and LogTag Analyzer data logger software.

Updated in 2018 with 6 level alarm feature, providing users with greater resolution on alarm management on cascading time vs temperature thresholds.

The LogTag® UTRIX-16 satisfies the growing need for a cost effective and reliable multi-use temperature recorder. It requires no special hardware or proprietary software to access the recorded data and can generate a fully detailed
PDF report.

The UTRIX-16 stores real-time temperature readings over a measurement range of -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F), displays user-configurable alerts, and comes with an
integrated, long-life USB connector.

The UTRIX-16 is enclosed in the same robust and durable polycarbonate case common to
other LogTag products.

The UTRIX-16 plugs directly into the computer USB for easy configuration by the user for a wide range of recording and alert conditions.

Upon download, it automatically generates a fully detailed PDF report with the option to
download the data using the freely available LogTag® Analyzer software for a more detailed analysis.

A red ALERT indicator provides an immediate indication – without access to a PC – if any
readings are outside the limits specified at the time the unit was configured. A green OK
indicator provides immediate visual confirmation that the unit is operating.

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