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Product Description

The LogTag temperature data logger is user configurable with an LCD display, replaceable battery, direct USB connection and PDF reporting.

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The uTRID-16 LogTag data logger is a user configurable, multiple use temperature data logger with direct USB connectivity and PDF reporting. It contains a detailed LCD display, user replaceable battery and six user definable alarm limits.

The uTRID-16 data logger is Ideally suited for last mile temperature distribution and static monitoring of medical fridges.

The data logger is easy to configure and reconfigure using the profile function in the free data logger LogTag analyzer software and automated download. No software is required for the PDF function as it is automatically generated on connection via USB.

Optional analysis can be performed in data logger LogTag Analyzer software, plotting saved data in graphical, tabular, statistical formats and cross referencing multiple plots on one time line.

The detailed LCD display will show the current temperature along with a tick or cross to indicate if shipping conditions were maintained within six user definable temperature tolerances.

The cost of maintaining the uTRID-16 LogTag data logger is low due to the user replaceable battery.

Supplied with USB cap, instructions, 2nd label for shipping labels and data logger LogTag Analyzer software.


  • Display showing temperature and alarm status of up to six alarms.
  • Can be connected to any computer with a USB port. No docking station required.
  • Automatic generation of a PDF report as a permanent record of the data.
  • Creates a comprehensive data file compatible with LogTag Analyzer operating software.
  • Cost effective multi-use format with user replaceable battery.
  • Ideal for multi-stage distribution channels involving bulk through to €œlast-mile€ stages
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