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Product Description

Tipped Probe for External Temperature Recorder – 3.0 Meter Cable Length

The tipped probe incorporates a 140mm exposed length of 5mm OD 316 stainless probe without handle but with small over mold to improve resistance to moisture and provide cable strain relief. All materials at probe end of cable are FDA food rated including the cable.

Supplied standard (part# ST100HT-15) with 3m (4€™11€) or 3.0m (9€™10€) cable terminated to MCX plug for plugging into LogTag TREX.

NOTE: LogTag ST100 sensors are designed and calibrated for interchangeability with TREX loggers to the standard rated accuracy of the product. If a TREX/ST100 probe combination is calibrated to a higher level of accuracy (as is possible) then care should be taken to always use the same TREX/ST100 combination for measurements as the ST100 sensor is not rated interchangeable at accuracies better than the TREX/ST100 rating in this specification.

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