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Product Description

Thermapen® Classic Thermometer

Product code: 231-257


The Thermapen® Classic – the world’s favourite kitchen thermometer now has a new look, improved design and additional features.

  • over 50% faster than traditional probes
  • reaches temperature in just 3 seconds
  • simple & lightweight to use
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate
  • meets the European Standard EN 13485
  • °C to °F switchable
  • 1.0° or 0.1° switchable resolution

Auto-off HACCP Centigrade Biomaster Protected Two year guarantee Made in UK


Thermapen Classic thermometer

The Thermapen Classic thermometer incorporates a large digital display with a precise read-out of temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution and an accuracy of ±0.4 °C. The thermometer will power off automatically after ten minutes, maximising battery life. The Thermapen Classic is fully configurable using switches in the battery compartment. Here you can choose to disable auto-off mode, choose °C or °F scales and select 1° or 0.1° resolution. For user manual, brochure and trim adjustment instructions – click the ‘download’ tab above

The casing is washable and includes ‘Biomaster’ additive that reduces bacterial growth and the ergonomic rubber seal minimises the risk of the ingress of water, dust or food. As well as being splash proof, it is still ‘probably’ the fastest reading contact thermometer on the market today. The true temperature of a product can be tested in three seconds.

Both low battery (icon) and open circuit indication are displayed, when applicable. Each Thermapen is powered by two lithium coin cell batteries with a minimum life expectancy of 1500 hours.

Reduced tip, foldaway probe

The Thermapen® Classic thermometer incorporates a reduced tip, stainless steel, Ø3.3 x 115 mm food penetration probe that conveniently folds back through 180 degrees into the side of the instrument when not in use.

The response time of any thermometer is dependant on many factors, the mass of the sensing tip, heat transfer and, most importantly, the state of the substance being measured. With both air and liquid, agitation is crucial to rapid response. The ETI calibration laboratory has tested the Thermapen® in a stirred water bath with amazing results – the Thermapen® Classic reached 100% of the test temperature in just three seconds. Thermapen® is a registered trademark in the UK (2025607), EU (008449571) and the USA (3898535). It is also protected by EC Regd.Des.No. 001580473.

FREE traceable certificate of calibration included

Colour coded Thermapens

Chefs, cooks and caterers have been using colour-coding for chopping boards and knives for many years now. There is a Colour-coded Thermapen designed specifically to meet this need. Thermapen Classic thermometers can become part of your HACCP and due diligence procedures, being used for different food types or preparation areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Alternatively, each member of staff can be given a different colour thermometer.

 blue – raw fish

 green – salad/fruit products

 red – raw meat

 yellow – cooked meats

 white – bakery/dairy products


Use It For:

Sweet Thermometer

There’s nothing quite like a batch of homemade treats to make your home smell warm and inviting. The Super-Fast Thermapen is perfect for any would be sweet maker who’s putting together a plateful of caramels, toffees, or fudge.

Did you know letting your caramel heat up past 168°C turns it from light to dark? Or that the difference between peanut brittle and butterscotch toffee is only 5°C? With a Thermapen doubling as your candy thermometer, you’ll never have to second guess your temperatures.

Baking Thermometer

From start to finish, the Thermapen can be an important part of your bread making process. Professionals suggest you use a thermometer to gauge the temperature of the liquid to which you add your bread yeast (it’s perfect between 40-46°C).

Bread will rise best at a perfect ambient room temperature of 23°C. A quick wave of the Super-Fast Thermapen and you’ll know if your room is ready. And, once your bread is baked, the Thermapen can help check the internal temperature for perfect doneness (77°C for richer doughs, and 93-98.9°C for leaner breads).

candyMeat Thermometer

The Super-Fast Thermapen removes the guess work from whatever you’re cooking. No more cutting into a steak to see if it’s done, or using your finger to test it. The Thermapen is perfect for any piece of meat, no matter the size, shape, or cut.

With a reduced tip and Super-Fast thermocouple meter, the Thermapen will tell you what’s happening inside of your steak, roast, lamb chop, or pork loin. It’s arguably the fastest, most accurate and most reliable thermometer on the market today.

Home Brewing

Home brewers know the importance of having a good digital thermometer! Controlling the temperature of actively fermenting wort can have a major impact on the flavor of the finished beer. Fermenting above a normal temperature range may produce excessive fruity-flavored esters or harsh-flavored fusel alcohols.

An instant-read thermometer like the Super-Fast Thermapen is perfect for monitoring the heating and cooling process of fermenting wort. The fast and accurate temperatures give you real-time readings so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re hitting your target brewing temperature.

candySteamed Milk

Different temperatures of steamed milk will give different flavors to Caffe Lattes or Cappuccinos. A Super-Fast Thermapen can help you monitor your milk and help you achieve a temperature that, in general, gives the best flavor possible.

Higher temperatures will be harder for the tongue to analyze and can result in burns that are not desirable. The best milk temperature for Caffe Latte and Cappuccinos is between 60-68.5°C.

Brewing Coffee

Perfect coffee starts with the perfect blend of coffee beans, water and heat. The Super-Fast Thermapen is ideal for giving you fast and accurate temperature readings so you’ll know when you’re brewing at a perfect 90-96°C (the optimal temperature for extracting the most flavor from the bean).

Not only that, but once your cup of coffee has been brewed, the Thermapen will help you monitor the pot to be sure it’s served at a perfect 82-85°C.




Click Here For –

Thermapen Classic instructions

Thermapen Guidebook

Technical Information

range: -49.9 to 299.9°C
resolution: 0.1 °C or 1°C – user selectable
accuracy: ±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C) otherwise ±1 °C
battery: 2 x 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell
battery life: 1500 hours
sensor type: K thermocouple
display: 14.5mm LCD
dimensions: 19 x 47 x 153mm
weight: 97 grams
case material: ABS plastic with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
country of manufacture: United Kingdom
guarantee: two years
measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit
certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate
conforms to standard: EN 13485
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