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Product Description

Probe versions with internal and external temperature sensors and with humidity sensors allow the adaptation to every application.

Radio probe with external probe connection and internal NTC, door contact, (with display screen)

Part number: 0572 1221


The radio probes are available with or without a display as an option. Current measurement data, the battery status and the quality of the radio link are shown on the display. External Probes can be attached.

Protection Class IP68
Measuring range -35 to +50 °C
Accuracy ± 0.4 °C (-25 to +50 °C) / ±0.8 °C (remaining meas. range)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Probe type NTC
Measuring range -50 to +150 °C
Accuracy ± 0.2 °C (-25 to +70 °C) / ±0.4 °C (remaining meas. range)
Resolution 0.1 °C
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