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£209.00 £250.80 (Inc. VAT)

Product Description

pH2 probe head for semi-solid substances, incl. storage cap with gel, TopSafe and belt/wall holder

The pH measuring instrument for spot checks on semi-solid food, e.g. jelly, cream, cheese, fruit… The protection case included €œTopSafe€ (IP 68) is waterproof, hygienic and dishwasher-safe.

  • Can be used for food containing protein
  • Combination: pH penetration tip with temperature measurement probe
  • Automatic full scale value
  • pH2 probe head for semi-solid food
  • Leak-proof storage gel

Technical Data
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
Operating temperature 0 to +60 °C
Battery life 80 h (Auto Off 10 Min)
Weight 62 g
Dimensions 197 x 33 x 20 mm

Probe Technical Data
Probe – NTC Meas. range 0 to 60 °C (Short-term to +80 °C max. 5 min)
Accuracy ±0.4 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Probe – PH electrode Meas. Range 0 to 14 pH
Accuracy (absolute) ±0.02 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
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