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Product Description

Product Descriptions

This standard blade shovel is available with T-Grip, D-Grip or Extended D-Grip Handle options. They have a detectable blade and are ideal for transferring ingredients from a deep container.

The standard detectable blade and solid reinforced shaft ensure that this shovel is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. A great all round shovel. The extended shafts are available for jobs requiring that extra reach.

Our range of detectable hygiene shovels & paddles are specifically developed for the food processing industry. These detectable hygiene shovels and paddles are produced from a specially formulated material based on high impact food contact approved polypropylene.

Each product is virtually unbreakable, lightweight, easy to clean and store, has excellent wear resistance whilst reducing the risk of damage to floor surfaces and machinery.

The D-Grip Standard Balde Shovel Dimensions 247mm x 315mm x 978mm

The T-Grip Standard Balde Shovel Dimensions 242mm x 315mm x 978mm

The D-Grip Extended Standard Balde Shovel Dimensions 247mm x 315mm x 1103mm

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