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Product Description

Stackable Hand Scoop – Pack of 5  

Product Description

These ergonomic hand held scoops feature a scraping edge and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging 500g to 2kg.

Our scoop range is manufactured from a material based on high-impact, food contact approved polypropylene. These scoops can be detected and rejected by all correctly calibrated metal detection systems used in the food processing industry.

The material contains full and uniform dispersion of detectable elements throughout the products. The scoops have no clusters or clumps, which would potentially induce weakness, unreliable results and failures.

Scoop Sizes Available (W x D x L)
Mini Scoop Dimensions: 77 mm x 107 mm x 207 mm
Small Scoop Dimensions 110 mm x 150 mm x 250 mm
Medium Scoop Dimensions 138 mm x 187 mm x 310 mm
Large Scoop Dimensions 167 mm x 230 mm x 355 mm




Additional Information
Made in Britain Yes
Detectability Metal Detectable
Antibacterial No
Food Contact Status FDA & EU Food Contact Approved
Delivery TBC
Pack Size 5
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