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Product Description

The P950 is suitable for cold, damp & greasy food production areas. The high quality stainless steel pressurised ink cartridge is designed to perform at a temperature range of -20°C to +5°C, features a 1mm ball point nib and has an average write out length of 8000 metres (EWIMA). The P950 is ideal for use in freezer rooms & chilled processing areas. The pressurised ink cartridge means the P950 can write continuously upside down, where other pens would fail. It can write underwater, on greasy surfaces, in freezing conditions and even in space.

** The retractable P950 DetectaPen now includes a white insert to easily identify it from the J800 **

The DetectaPen range is manufactured using our flagship XDETECT 2.0 plastic compound – optimised for metal and x-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our DetectaPen range also incorporates silver ion antibacterial technology, which is effective against E-Coli, MRSA & Salmonella. All materials used in the construction of our pens feature extensive food contact approvals including EU & FDA compliance. The high quality stainless steel ink cartridge further adds to the detectability of the pen.


Additional Information
Made in Britain Yes
Detectability Dual Detectable
Antibacterial Yes
Food Contact Status FDA & EU Food Contact Approved
Delivery Approx 3-4 Working Days
Pack Size 25
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