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Product Description

Marsden Digi DS-673SS Waterproof Bench Scale – Trade Approved

Key Features

    • Capacities: 6kg 15kg
    • Graduations: 1g 2g
    • Portable and easily cleaned
    • Trade Approved, IP68-rated waterproof bench scale
    • Large easy to read bright LED display


What is the DS-673SS Bench Scale?

The DS-673SS is a Trade Approved, IP68 stainless steel bench scale. This is a premium product by Digi that can be used on wet, damp or dusty environments, can be washed down, and provides Legal For Trade weight readings.

What is a Trade Approved Scale?

A Trade Approved scale is one that can be used in the process of buying or selling goods based on weight. Using these scales for such a purpose is a legal requirement.

The applications where Trade Approved scales should be used include determination of mass for commercial transactions, determination of mass for the application of laws or regulations, and the determination of mass for making up medicines on prescription.

A Trade Approved scale differs from a standard weighing scale in that it undergoes far more testing. A scale becomes Trade Approved once it has passed a rigorous test programme conducted by a Notified Body and it has been issued with a Type Approval Certificate. This process is in place to protect both the customer and the seller.

Trade Approved scales are often also referred to as Class III Approved scales. All Trade Approved scales from Marsden have verification fees included in the price.

What does the IP68 rating mean?

The key benefit of this bench scale, aside from its Trade Approved status, is its IP68 rating.

IP ratings indicate how protected a scale is from water ingress. In the case of scales in the Marsden range, IP65 means the scale can be used in humid environments and can be wiped down, IP67 means the scale is more durable and can be washed down, and IP68 indicates the scale is fully waterproof.

This means, in environments where hygiene is a priority, this scale can be regularly washed down.

The stainless steel DS-673SS is easy to use and built to last. Simple Tare and Zero functions as well as a bright red LED display and rechargeable battery (providing 40 hours use between charges) make it a popular choice in labs, hospitals and food factories.

Technical Details
Capacity: 6kg 15kg
Graduations: 1g 2g
Dimensions: 290mm(l) x 250mm(w) x 135mm(h)
Pan dimensions: 245mm (Front W) x 225mm (Rear W) x 195mm (L) x 12mm (H)
Battery Life: 40 hours of continuous use from full charge
Weight of scale: 3kg
Additional Features:
  • Class III Approved
  • Verification fees included
  • IP68 waterproof stainless steel scale
  • Trade Approved, IP68-rated waterproof bench scale
  • Tare
  • Zero
  • Optional vegetable scoop
  • Large easy to read bright LED display


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