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Product Description

Marsden B-400 Trade Approved Bench Scale

Key Features

    • Capacities: 6kg 15kg 30kg
    • Graduations: 1g 2g 5g
    • IP67-certified splashproof stainless steel bench scale
    • Trade Approved; portable design


What is the B-400?

The Marsden B-400 is a Trade Approved stainless steel bench scale with a choice of capacities and graduations. The scale is IP67-certified meaning it has protection against moisture and dust – therefore can be regularly wiped down to keep clean and hygienic.

This easy to use, lightweight scale is powered by 4x AA batteries or via the AC adaptor included. The B-400 is perfectly suited for weighing to determine a price – for example in fishmongers, bakeries and butchers shops. We also recommend the B-400 for industrial kitchens and food factories for weighing ingredients and produce.

What is a Trade Approved Scale?

If a weighing scale is being used for pricing goods based on weight, then legally it needs to be a Trade Approved scale like the B-400.

Trade Approved scales may also be known as Class III Approved scales, Trade Stamped, Verified, EC Stamped or Trading Standards Approved. Trade Approved scales are subject to greater testing than standard scales, to ensure they deliver accurate and repeatable readings.

What does the IP rating mean?

The IP rating is a reference to the scale’s level of protection. The first digit (e.g. ‘6’) refers to the scale’s protection to dust. The second digit (in this case ‘7’) is protection against water and other liquids.

IP65 rated scales are protected against moisture when they are wiped down with a damp cloth. IP67 scales are protected against water and can be washed down. If the scale is IP68 rated, it is fully waterproof and can survive in some of the most punishing environments.

Why should I choose the B-400?

Choose the B-400 if you need a portable, IP-rated bench scale that can be used for pricing goods based on weight.

This cost-effective scale is perfect for weighing upto 30kg and boasts high, Legal For Trade accuracy.

This bench scale’s entire casing is IP67 stainless steel, meaning the scale can be washed down after use to keep it hygienic. The pan can be removed for easy cleaning.

The B-400 has a clear 25mm LCD display. The check weighing feature allows you to weigh items to a pre-determined limit, with the display backlight changing to green when you’re within the target range, and red if you go over. Additional features include Hold and Tare.

Technical Details
Capacity: 6kg 15kg 30kg
Graduations: 1g 2g 5g
Dimensions: 285mm x 255mm x 90mm
Pan dimensions: 252mm x 200mm
Power supply: Mains/replaceable batteries
Batteries: 4x AA batteries
Battery Life: 85 hours approximately
Weight of scale: 3.6kg
Additional Features:
  • IP67 rated splashproof stainless steel scale
  • Trade Approved
  • Large, easy to read 25mm LCD display
  • Visual check weighing feature – display goes green when within range, red if under weight or over weight
  • Tare
  • Removable pan
  • Hold
  • Verification fees included
  • Low battery/overload indication


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