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Product Description

MadgeTech RFC1000-CE – Wireless receiver for MadgeTech radio dataloggers

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    Receive real-time data from RFRHTemp2000, RFTCTemp2000, RFRTDTemp2000, RFPulse2000, RFCurrent2000, RFOT and Therm-A-Lert dataloggers

    Wireless receiver for the MadgeTech RFOT and Therm-A-Lert Data Loggers. Includes MadgeTech Software CD, Software Manual, Quick Start Guide, USB to mini USB adapter and RFC1000 wireless receiver.

    The new design includes a higher powered transceiver and a substantially longer transmit range, meaning better performance in all environments.

    This new RFC1000-CE now features a 7″ pivoting external antenna, which increases the transmission distance and provides greater signal strength. The pivoting antenna also allows more flexibility with mounting orientation.

    The RFC1000-CE can be used as a repeater or plugged directly into your PC.

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