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Product Description

MadgeTech CryoTemp – Multi-Use –
Dry Ice Temperature Data Logger


  • Ultra low operating temperature (-86°C)
  • May be placed in direct contact with dry ice
  • No external probes or wiring
  • High accuracy
  • Programmable alarm and warn ranges with alarm delay
  • LED status indicators for Instant alarm notification
  • Magnetic start
  • Optional password protection
  • Splash resistant (IP65)
  • CE Compliant


  • Dry Ice shipments
  • Plasma and red cell freezers
  • Blood banks / frozen tissue storage
  • Monitoring frozen vaccines
  • Ultra low temperature storage / laboratory freezers
  • Medical and pharmaceutical shipping
  • Deep frozen foods
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Low temperature research

Software Features

  • Multiple Graph overlay
  • Statistics
  • Digital Calibration
  • Zoom in / Zoom out
  • Lethality equations ( Fo, PU )
  • Mean Kinetic Temperature
  • Full time zone support
  • Data Annotation
  • Min / Max / Average lines
  • Data table view
  • Automatic report generation
  • Summary view
  • Multingual


Probeless dry ice data logger for deployment in Food / Pharmaceutical storage / production & shipments at temperatures as low as -86°C.

The CryoTemp data logger can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods and shipping containers. This stand-alone device does not require any additional probes. The enclosure is designed with a handle for easy attachment and is splash proof. It utilizes a USB docking station to communicate with a personal computer. (USB docking station sold separately)

Users of dry ice shippers will find this product a revelation as it is cost effective, simple to use and reliable.

The CryoTemp low temperature data logger provides date and time stamped temperature readings and uses the MadgeTech Data Logging Software. The user can view the data in graphical or tabular form. High and low alarm limits and high and low warning limits can be programmed through the software. The user can set the alarm limits in the range required for the goods to be maintained. The warn limits can be set to alert the user when the temperature is nearing a high or low alarm limit.

The CryoTemp data logger is equipped with three LEDs. The green LED will blink every 15 seconds while the recorder is logging. The yellow LED will blink every 3 seconds when the temperature has breached the warning limits. The red LED will blink every 3 seconds when the temperature alarm has been breached. The CryoTemp data logger is the ideal temperature monitoring solution for any application involving low temperature recording.

CRYO-TEMP Technical Data
Temperature Sensor NTC Thermistor
Temperature Range -86°C to +35°C recommended
may be used up to +55°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Calibrated Accuracy +/- 1.0°C
Reading Rate 5 seconds to 30 minutes selectable
Memory 32.767 readings, software configurable memory wrap>/td> Start Modes Software programmable immediate start
delay start up to 30 days in advance or manual start with magnet
Temperature Alarm Software programmable high and low alarm limits
high and low warn limits each setpoint may be individually enabled or disabled
Alarm Delay Software programmable time delay for warn / alarm limits
Logger will not indicate out of range status until the temperature has been out of range
Status Indicators Green Blinks to indicate safe conditions during logging
Yellow Blinks to indicate warn limits have been exceeded
Red Blinks to indicate alarm criteria ( limits/delay ) have been exceeded
Password Protection An optional password may be programmed into the device to restrict access to configuration options.
Data may be read out without the password
Calibration Digital Calibration through software Calibration Date Automatically recorded within device Battery Type 3.6V lithium ( LTC-7PN )
factory replaceable only
Battery Life 2 years typical @ 25°C, 1 minute reading intervals
1 year typical @ -80°C, 1 minute reading intervals
Date Format Date and time stamped, °C. °F, K, °R Time Accuracy +/- 2 minutes/month max at 20 to +30°C
+/- 5 minutes/month max at -80°C
Computer Interface USB Docking station to PC ( IFC300 ) 38.400 Baud Software XP SP3/Vista / Windows Operating Environment -86°C to +35°C ( may be used up to +55°C
Environment 0 t0 100%RH
Dimensions 83mm x 54mm x 11mm Ingress Protection IP65 splash resistant, not submersable Enclosure ABS Plastic. white, polycarbonate labeling Weight 1.4oz ( 40g ) Compliance CE, Approved for carriage on Delta main line flights

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