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Product Description

The LTI WiFi data logger interface cradle automatically transfers and stores data on the cloud. Features a 48 data logger memory buffer and backwards compatibility with all LogTag data loggers.

The LTI-WM-WiFi data logger interface cradle is a wall mounted WiFi device that alleviates the need to remove data loggers from installed locations in order to extract collected data.

By connecting the LTI WM WiFi to a local network, appliance and ambient environmental data can be monitored in real-time enabling users to receive live alerts via email and preventing user error when collecting and redeploying traditional data loggers during the routine data extraction process.

This inexpensive device can be partnered with an existing fleet of conventional LogTag data loggers (With external probes) to radically change the way a company shares, distributes and reacts to temperature data.

LTI WM WiFi Data Logger Interface Cradle Features

  • Use LTI-WM-WiFi to upload data in real time without access to a computer and installed software.
  • Accepts TREX/TREL/TRED data Loggers
  • Easily set up to work with your WiFi network
  • Downloaded data is fully encrypted and automatically uploaded to a secure server.
    Uploaded data is immediately available to authorised stakeholders
  • If the WiFi network is temporarily unavailable, downloaded data is stored in the LTI-WM- WiFi€™s buffer memory
  • Robust and reliable contacts are good for thousands of insertions
  • Inbuilt indicators show data download and network access status
  • Driver free installation – Utilises standard Microsoft drivers, preventing the need to install files specific to the interface
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