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Product Description

The LTI WiFi data logger interface cradle automatically transfers and stores data on the cloud. Features a 48 data logger memory buffer and backwards compatibility with all LogTag data loggers.

The LTI WiFi data logger interface cradle is a networked interface which when plugged into a power socket or USB power bank can be used to collect and store data from 48 LogTag conventional data loggers. When connected to your Wi-Fi network the data will be relayed to LogTag Online, a cloud based, multi user, multi-site solution where all data can be viewed and managed at a central, globally accessible location via mobile phone.

This inexpensive device can be partnered with an existing fleet of conventional LogTag data loggers to radically change the way a company shares, distributes and reacts to temperature and humidity data.

LTI WiFi Data Logger Interface Cradle Features

  • WiFi Transfer – Automatically transfers and stores your essential data on the Cloud for worldwide network access.
  • LED Indicators – LED lights show when the USB cradle is operational, if the data logger is being configured or has been configured and when the interface is ready for the next data logger to be inserted.
  • Driver free installation – Utilises standard Microsoft drivers, preventing the need to install files specific to the interface.
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