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Product Description

LPS Detectable Trigger Sprayer

LPS® Detectable Trigger Sprayer features DETEX™ with a metal & x-ray

detectable trigger. DETEX™ components are engineered from metal and

x-ray detectable plastic to reduce the risk of foreign object

contamination during food and beverage processing. The trigger bottle

is an empty sprayer to fill with safe maintenance chemicals that meet

your needs.

Pack size : 1
Price : Per Unit

Features & Benefits:

    • Adjustable spray stream to ensure proper apllication


    • Blue in colour for all metal and x-ray detectable plastic readilyidentifies it as a non-food object


    • Ergonimic 3 finger trigger to reduce finger fatigue


    • Durable bottle construction and chemically resistanttrigger


    • Metal detectable label to eliminate the risk of undetected foodcontamination


    • Label area for convenient product identification

Specifications & Approvals:

NSF International

Trigger Size: Empty 30 fl.oz

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Key Information
Product Code PR57928DB
Pack Size 1
Weight (Kg) 0.1000
Brand LPS

Metal Detectable
A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and

has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection

systems. These materials may be metallic or plastic/rubber with

special ferromagnetic additives.

X-Ray Visible
An x-ray visible product is made fully from x-ray visible materials.

These may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special high density



Technical Data

LPS® Products feature dual detectable actuators and caps that can

be detected by correctly calibrated metal detection and x-ray

inspection systems. With caps and actuators likely items to stray into

machinery, these detectable properties are an excellent example of

showing all due diligence in the prevention of foreign body


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