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Product Description

LogTag® Protective Enclosure
IP67 water and dust proof enclosure

The LogTag Protective Enclosure is specifically designed for LogTag recorder Dataloggers that would not normally survive in harsh environments such outside or buried underground.

By using a LogTag with a protective case, you can easily be sterilise the logger to cut the risk of cross contamination in food storage monitoring and pharmaceutical applications.

The product can also help dampen the effects of fluctuations that are caused by rapid temperature changes, the physical mass will help minimise the effects of this thermal lag giving you more realistic graphs.


LogTag Models Supported TRID30-7x, TRIX-8/16, SRIC-4, TRIL-8/SRIL-8

Storage temperature range -40°C ~ +85°C (-40°F ~ +185°F)

Protection rating IP67 (equivalent to NEMA6) for temperatures 1°C~+40°C (33°F~+104°F)

Case material Clear Polycarbonate

Seal Material Silicon rubber

T90 thermal performance With TRIX-8 in 1 m/s air : T90 = ~ 10 minutes.
With TRID30-7x in 1 m/s air : T90 = ~ 17minutes

Size 104mm (L- not including lug) x 76.5mm (W – including clips and hinge) x 13mm D

Weight 41grams

Chemical resistance In general the polycarbonate material can withstand alcohols and diluted acids well. Problems can occur with hydrocarbons, phenols, esters, ketones and alkalis especially at elevated temperatures

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