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Product Description

LogTag Online is on online storage, management and analysis data logging system for use with the environmental data collected by LogTag data loggers. It contains all the information LogTag users need to register wireless devices and start uploading data. Purchase and download small, medium and large versions of the online data logging software below to begin.


The benefit of an online data logging system is the ability to access your data on any internet enabled device – whether that’s a computer, tablet or smartphone. LogTag Online lets you connect LogTag WiFi data loggers and view data by location, team member (responsible for monitoring the data), device, and team. Store your temperature and humidity data online (rather than having to download it every time) and analyse it with pre-made graphs.

If you operate LogTag devices, LogTag Online is essential for you. Like the LogTag Analyzer software, the online portal enables you to store, view & analyse data at a smaller scale, but on the go. LogTag Online can also be connected to LogTag Analyzer 3 to upload logger data and view it online.

This cloud based IOT service enables users to define responsibilities, view current and historical data and ensure your company is audit ready with detailed alarm reporting functionality.

In addition to these data management functions, the service will also enable users to trigger email alerts (SMS will be a feature added in 2020) and perform daily spot checks in compliance with CDC/VFC guidelines into the safe storage of vaccines.

There are 5 core components to LogTag Online; all dedicated to making data logging and analysis faster, simpler and more accurate. This includes:

Locations refers to the data collected from a physical place. This will be displayed in the dashboard alongside logger information, historic and current data, a list of team members responsible for that location, and who will be notified if pre-set events occur.

Devices are the LogTag WiFi data loggers you have synced with the software. The dashboard will show you the device name, mode and location. Data loggers do need to be configured before data will show using LogTag LT Online 3.

The teams section of LogTag Online enables you to share data with others in your organisation. You can easily create a team by adding their email address.

LogTag Drive
The LogTag drive enables users to store data on the cloud. The number of files you can store depends on your account type.

Analysing Data
The LogTag Online data logging system offers a convenient way to view and analyse the data, including standard min and max values by time and date, alarm events an summaries; available separately by location.

Current Features:

    • Secure, cloud-based file storage.
    • Data access to authorised users only.
    • CDC/VFC compliance with audit log.
    • Real-time data monitoring with supported WiFi products.
    • PDF Troubleshooting Record for State Regulator.
    • Automated Temperature Log with daily Min/Max.
    • Automated Notifications via Email.
    • Automated Notifications via SMS in November.
    • Works with any device or operating system with a web browser and internet
    • Online single or multi-chart with data stitching for a full historical review per Location
      made up of multiple Loggers.



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