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Product Description

Klipspringer LazaPort8 Infrared and Probe Thermometer Calibration Verifier. -18°C & 100°C

for 3.0 mm & 4.7 mm probes.


The LazaPort8 is the third-generation model in the series of LazaPort calibrators from Klipspringer. With capacity for up to 8 probe thermometers and multiple infrareds, it is by far the most efficient, accurate and compliant way to calibrate thermometers on site. This model is compatible with temperature probe diameters from 3.o mm to 4.7 mm

Klipspringer developed the LazaPort Calibrator series nearly 20 years ago to make probe thermometer calibration safer, smarter and simpler. Now in its third generation, LazaPort8 is widely respected and acclaimed by technical managers, QA teams, auditors and EHOs across the globe. But why use the LazaPort8?

Traditional methods such as ice and boiling water present many problems:


  • Accuracy – constantly chasing falling temperatures in an unstable, uncontrolled test medium.
  • Health & Safety – risk of scalds and burns.
  • Time consuming – too slow when probes need checking more and more frequently.
  • Lots of preparation and maintenance.
  • Incomplete – test caps only test the thermometer and not the probe (which is where the majority of accuracy issues are).


How does the LazaPort8 overcome these problems?


  • Checks thermometers and probe together.
  • Checks up to 8 probe thermometer’s simultaneously – this saves a lot of time!
  • Stable reference point with an accuracy of ±0.3°C – not only is this more accurate and reliable, it also makes checking your probe thermometers quicker!
  • Allows you to check infrared thermometers, and not only that, but at two relevant temperature points – 18° and 100°C .
  • Reference temperature is displayed on the clear displays, making it easier and quicker to complete your calibration log.
  • Can be calibrated to UKAS standard. This removes the need for a reference thermometer and provides complete traceability.
  • Eliminates all the hassle and preparation time – simply switch it and leave for 30 minutes to stabilise.
  • 4 options to allow you to get the best fit for your temperature probes.


Product Specifications
Number of temperature points 2
Port size 4 @ 3.3mm, & 4 @4.7mm
Probe Size 3.3mm & 4.7mm
Temperature points -18°C & 100°C
Operating ambient temperature +10°C ~ +25°C
Storage ambient temperature +5°C ~ +55°C
Stabilisation time 30 minutes
Number of ports 4 @ -18°C, & 4 @ 100°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C
Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions (wxdxh) 253 x 250 x 210 mm
Power 240v AC, 5A (Standard 3-pin socket)
IP rating IPX2
Warranty 1 year on parts
Certification UKAS certification available on request.*
CE Marking and certification Yes
Lead time 7-10 working days (average)


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