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L550 Fineliner DetectaPen®

This metal detectable and x-ray visible XDETECT fineliner pen features a ventilated cap which fits on top of the pen when while in use. Available with or without a clip.

Product Discription

The L550 is designed to offer the most luxurious writing experience a detectable pen can offer. The spring loaded 1mm Fineliner nib offers smooth and clear writing on non-glossy surfaces, best suited to production environments with an ambient temperature.

The L550 DetectaPen® is moulded from XDETECT®, which is an advanced polypropylene based compound, optimised for metal and x-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This compound also incorporates silver ion antimicrobial technology, which is effective against harmful bacteria and mould, including but not limited to, EColi, MRSA and Salmonella.

The ink cartridge is manufactured from nickel-plated brass, with a stainless steel ink feeder and spring loaded Fineliner nib. The cartridge is fully and permanently enclosed within the dual detectable pen body. The L550 Fineliner Detectapen® is supplied with an XDETECT® cap to prevent the ink from drying out. This cap is fully detectable and attaches securely to the end of the pen when not in use.

The L550 Fineliner is only available with a blue body.


Additional Information
Made in Britain Yes
Detectability Dual Detectable
Food Contact Status FDA & EU Food Contact Approved
Delivery Approx 3-4 Working Days
Pack Size 10
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