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Product Description

KANE900 PLUS Combustion Analyser

Kit contents:

  • Analyser with rubber protective sleeve
  • Carry case.
  • Charger
  • KMCP10 flue probe


  • Full combustion analyser with infra-red output to printer.
  • Standard’ instrument measures O2, CO (hydrogen compensated),
  • Temperature and differential pressure.
  • Can be upgraded with up to two additional toxic sensors.
  • Calculates CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and efficiency for all fuels.
  • Fitted with rubber sleeve and rechargeable battery.

The KANE900 PLUS handheld analyser is easy to use for domestic and industrial boiler flue gas measurement and analysis.
It operates on all boiler types and can display 8 parameters simultaneously showing measurements and calculations of boiler efficiency and pollution.

Measures O2, flue and nett temperature and calculates CO2, boiler efficiency, excess air and losses.

CO is measured with a hydrogen compensated sensor for increased accuracy.

It also measures CO and calculates CO/CO2 ratio – €˜The Poison Index€™ – to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis and safety.

Measures NO and calculates NOx

Big character display

IR printer link… printed header can be customised

Large memory to store results for easy transfer to PC

Long life battery recharged in situ

Technical Data
Parameter Resolution Accuracy Range
Temp Measurement
Flue Temperature 0.1°C/F +2.0°C +0.3% reading 0-1200°C/32 -2200°F
with suitable probe
Inlet Temperature 0.1°C/F +1°C +0.3% reading 0-50°C/32-122°F
Pressure (optional) 0.1mbar +2% of full scale +150mbar to -150mbar
Gas Measurement *1
Oxygen 0.1% +0.2% 0-25%
Carbon Monoxide
(standard H compensated)
1ppm +20ppm<400ppm
+5% <5000ppm
+10% >5000ppm
Carbon Monoxide,
(high range)
0.01% +5% reading from
0.1% to 10%
Nitric Oxide
1ppm +5ppm <100ppm*1
+5% >100ppm
Nitrogen Oxide
(low range)
1ppm +2ppm <30ppm
+5ppm >30ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide 1ppm +5ppm <100ppm
+10ppm <5000ppm
+10% >500ppm
Sulphur Dioxide 1ppm +5ppm <100ppm
+5% >100ppm
Carbon Dioxide*2 0.1% +0.3% reading 0-99.9%
Losses 0.1% +1.0% reading 0-99.9%
Efficiency 0.1% +1.0% reading 0-99.9%
Excess Air 0.1% +0.2% 0-2885.0%
Temp (Nett) 1.0°C/F +2°C +0.3% reading 0-600°C/32-1112°F
CO/CO2 ratio 0.0001 +0.0001 0-0.9999
Poison Index 0.01% +0.01 0-99.99

*1 Using dry gases at STP

*2 Calculated

Technical Data
Pre-programmed Fuels Natural gas, Town gas, Gascor, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Propane, Butane, Anthracite, Coke, Coal, Kinsale Gas.
220mm x 55mm x 120mm
L240mm x Dia8mm with 285mm long stainless steel shaft, type K thermocouple and 1.5m long neoprene hose
Ambient Operating Range -5°C to +50°C/10% to 90% RH non condensing
Power Supply (battery charger) Input: 110Vac/220 Vac nominal
Output: 12 Vac off load
Battery Life 6 hours from full charge

Optional Extras:– Please call or email with your requirements

  • High range CO sensor (0-10%)
  • NO sensor (0-5000ppm)
  • Low range NO sensor (0-100ppm)
  • NO2 Sensor (0-1000ppm)
  • SO2 Sensor (0-500ppm)
  • Infra-Red Printer
  • Teflon hose upgrade for KANE900 PLUS
  • KMCU12/12 12V charger (in car)
  • KANE FR1 Fireworks Reporter software
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