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Product Description

Klipspringer IRTFI550 Infrared Thermometer

High performance infrared thermometer with excellent distance:spot ratio for small components.

Product Description

Adjustable emissivity accomodates virtually any surface encoutered. Exceptional distance:spot ratio of 30:1 facilitates measuring a sample area as small as 10mm from an optimum distance (focal point) of 300mm. Twin laser guide assists intelligent use and measurement. In addition, the IRTFI550 accepts a Type K thermocouple SMP connector probe for the on-the-spot confirmation.


Technical Data
Specification IRTF1550 Infrared Thermometer
Accuracy ± 1% (23…550°C)± 2.0°C (-18…22°C)
Warranty 2 years
Sensor Infrared
Focal point 300mm
Distance: spot 30:1
Certification Free issue certificate of conformity supplied
Battery 2 x AAA
Probe type Thermocouple Type K
Measuring range -60°…+550°C
IP rating IP20
Dimensions (mm) 195 x 121 x 46mm
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