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£68.39 £82.07 (Inc. VAT)

Product Description

ATTX110 Thermometer – Type-T Fixed 3.0 x 90mm Probe c/w holder

Compact, lightweight with clear display.

Covers a wide temperature range and maintains good accuracy performance.
90mm strong fixed penetration probe.

Each instrument is supplied with a bespoke shatter resistant protective holder and probe guard with pocket / belt clip and key hole fix to act as wall holder



Technical Specification


Accuracy ± 0.8°C Resolution 0.1°C
IP rating IP55 Measuring range -50…+350°C
Probe dimensions 90mm x 3.0mm Probe type Penetration
Sensor Thermocouple Type T Battery 3v CR2032
Warranty 2 years Certification Free issue certificate supplied
Dimensions (mm) 182 x 42 x 17mm


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