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Product Description

iTag3Pro Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger

Sold in packs of 20 | Preconfigured, single use, waterproof USB temperature data logger.

Preconfigured ready for rapid deployment, the Tempsen iTag3Pro is an ideal solution for recording time-temperature data in transit, without having to install software. Supplied with traceable validation certificate, ready to record at the press of a button. Select from Chilled and Ambient alarm configurations.

Auditing the conditions of time temperature sensitive products through the cold chain is critical to guaranteeing product quality and meeting regulatory demands, the iTag3Pro achieves these with minimal training and cost.


To start: Just press and hold the start button and adhere the data logger to the packaging or place inside with cool packs, the small casing takes up minimal space and is waterproof.

On arrival: Simply expose the USB connector and connect to a computer and you will be rapidly presented with results in a PDF file, containing visual pass/fail indication along with a detailed report and graph of the data collected during the shipment.

Stocked in the following configurations:

  1. Chilled 2-8°C (UL 8°C: LL 2°C: 36 minute alarm delay: 30 minute start up delay)
  2. Ambient 0-25°C (UL 25°C: LL 0°C: 36 minute alarm delay: 30 minute start up delay)



  • Automatically generates detailed pass/fail, analytical report in Adobe PDF format
  • Built-in USB connector, no readers or cables required to download data
  • About the size of a business card, waterproof food-safe packaging
  • Quick start with push button
  • Easy-to-read LED indicators enable immediate decision making
  • Available in 5 to 90 day variants
  • Data collected still remains even if battery runs out
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Validation available
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Supplied with traceable validation certificate, instructions and TempCentre software utility (For optional analysis)

Configured to UTC Time Zone.


Technical Data
Type Single use (Pre-programmed)
Sensor Internal NTC
Memory Capacity 7200 readings
Measuring Range -30°C to 70°C
Resolution 0.1°C / °F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Start Mode Manual
Logging Interval 1 minute to 2 hours
Alarm Range High and low alarm
Battery type / Battery Life 3.0V CR2032 lithium battery / 90 days
Alarm Type Single Event / Cumulative Alarm. Alarm setpoints specified at the time of order if required. If alarm setpoints are not specified, no alarms will be generated.
Weight 10g
Dimensions 80mm (L) x 47mm (W) x 4mm (H)
Connection USB 2.0 Connector


Technical Data

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