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Product Description

The Rotronic HygroLab is an innovative high-end laboratory analyzer for water activity measurements with up to four measurement probe inputs. Simultaneous or asynchronous measurement with the tried-and-tested AW Quick measuring function for pharmaceutical products, tobacco, coffee, food and many more.

Innovative and stand-alone user interface

The HygroLab has a modern interface for clear and simple measurement of water activity. It is operated using a high-quality touch screen. The water activity meter can also be connected to the internet for remote control via PC or tablet. The measurements can thus be observed and the measurement reports downloaded from anywhere at any time.


  • 4-channel benchtop display unit for measurement of water activity, relative humidity and temperature.
  • AW Quick function for fast measurement results (typically 4-5 minutes).
  • Updates with functional enhancements.
  • 4 USB ports (e.g. for mouse and keyboard).
  • Remote access (by PC or tablet).
  • Automatically generated measurement report after every measurement.


  1. High accuracy of ±0.008 Aw at 23 °C.
  2. Performs up to 4 measurements simultaneously or asynchronously.
  3. Quick and easy operation.
  4. Extended operation with mouse and keyboard possible.
  5. Measurement of temperature, water activity and relative humidity.
  6. Personal setting of a set-point for fast and simple output of results.
  7. Fast measurement results (typically 4-5 minutes) using the AW Quick function.
  8. Automatic generation of measurement reports after every measurement, can be sent by e-mail.
  9. Remote control via PC or tablet with the possibility to download measurement reports.
  10. Regular software updates with enhanced functions can be downloaded directly from the HygroLab.
  11. FDA conformity and the possibility to calibrate probes (coming soon via software update).



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