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Product Description

The HI-981032’s built-in, specialised pH electrode has a conic tip shape for easy penetration, an open junction to resist clogging, and a PVDF food grade plastic body that can be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite.

This meter can be used for other food products such as rice pH testing in Sushi preparation.

HI-981032 Foodcare Cheese pH Tester

This meter is designed to measure the pH by penetration in almost all types of cheeses and curds. pH is an essential measurement throughout the entire cheese making process.

From the initial measurements of incoming milk to the final measurements of ripened cheese, pH is the most important parameter for cheese quality and safety control.

Before using this product, make sure it is entirely suitable for our specific application and for the environment in which it is used. Any variation introduced by the user to the supplied equipment may degrade the meters€™ performance.

The meter comes with one year€™s warranty.

Each meter is supplied with:

  • pH4.01 buffer solution liquid sachet x 2
  • pH7.01 buffer solution liquid sachet x 2
  • Cleaning solution sachets for cheese deposits x 2
  • Electrode storage solution, 13mL dropper
  • Instruction manual
  • Quality certificate
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