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Product Description

HI-84500-02 Sulphur Dioxide Mini Titrator for Wine Analysis

Straightforward and easy to use, the Hanna automatic mini titrator for SO2 offers an affordable option for single parameter testing using the Ripper method. Logs data for up to 400 samples.


The HI-84500-02 is a simple, fast and affordable mini automatic titrator designed for testing free or total sulphur dioxide (SO2) levels in wine. It replaces the HI-84100 and features increased accuracy by improving the titrant delivery system and measuring ranges.

The HI-84500-02 incorporates a precision dosing pump which allows for a highly accurate determination of the amount of titrant used. Pump calibrations, performed with the provided Hanna standards, help assure the accuracy of the measurement. The HI-84500-02 also includes a new low range measurement.

This mini titrator includes a pre-programmed analysis method designed for free and total sulphur dioxide measurements for wine analysis. It uses a powerful algorithm which analyses the shape of the electrode response in order to determine when the titration reaction has reached completion.

The HI 84500 can also be used as an mV meter for direct ORP measurements.

Main benefits :

  • High accuracy piston driven dosing system
  • mV meter
  • Automatic Stirrer speed control
  • Real time graphing with exportable data
  • Log on demand
  • GLP feature, to view calibration data for the pump
  • CAL Check™ – alerts users to potential problems during calibration such as contaminated buffers or dirty or broken electrodes

Key features :

  • Piston Driven Dosing – This dosing pump is highly accurate, providing excellent results.
  • mV Meter – In addition to being an automatic titrator, the HI-84500 also can be used as an mV meter. While in Titrator mode, simply press “Meter” until mV units are displayed.
  • Automatic Stirrer Speed Control – Maintains consistent stirring speed at approximately 700 rpm regardless of viscosity of solution.
  • Graphic Mode/Exportable Data – Display’s in-depth data on titration, which can then be stored using the log feature and then exported to a USB stick or transferred to a PC using the USB connection.
  • Log on Demand – Log data on up to 400 samples (200 for titration results; 200 for mV/ORP)
  • GLP Feature – The HI-84500 includes a GLP Feature that allows users to view calibration data for the titrator and pump.

Need to test SO2 in wine, cider, beer or soft drinks?

Sulphur Dioxide is used in the production of wine, cider, beer and soft drinks to inhabit bacterial growth and act as a preservative.

The Hanna sulphur dioxide titrator uses the established Ripper method to determine the free and bound levels of SO 2 throughout the production process. This enables users to assess levels quickly and accurately at all stages of sampling.

Technical Data
Titrator Range: Low range: 1.0 to 40.0ppm of SO2; High range: 30 to 400ppm of SO2
Titrator resolution Low range: 0.1 ppm; High range: 1ppm
Accuracy @ 25°C Low range: 3% of reading or ±0.5 ppm @25°C.whichever is greater; High range: 3% of reading or ±1ppm @ 25°, whichever is greater
Titration method Ripper method
Principle Equivalence point redox titration
Pump speed 10 mL/min
Stirring speed 700 rpm
Logging Data up to 200 samples
ORP Meter Range: -2000.0 to 2000mV
ORP Meter resolution 0.1mV
ORP Meter Accuracy ±1mV
ORP logging data Up to 200 samples
ORP electrode HI-31488 glass body, refillable with BNC Connector & 1m cable included
Environment 0 to 50°; RH max 95% non-condensing
Power supply 12 VDC adaptor included

Ordering information:

HI-84500-01 (115V) is supplied with HI-3148B ORP electrode, HI-7082 electrode fill solution (30 mL), HI-84500-50 low range titrant (230 mL), HI-84500-51 high range titrant (230 mL), HI-84500-55 calibration standard (120 mL), HI8-4500-60 acid reagent (230 mL), HI-84500-61 alkaline reagent (120 mL), and HI-84500-62 stabilizer packets (50 packets), 100 mL beakers (2), 20 mL beakers (2), scissors, dosing pump valve, 5 mL syringe, 1 mL plastic pipette, tube set (aspiration tube with titrant bottle cap and dispensing tube with tip), stir bar, cleaning solution sachets for wine deposits (2), cleaning solution sachets for wine stains (2), 12 VDC adapter and instruction manual.

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