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Product Description


The HI-98163 is a rugged, waterproof, portable pH meter that measures pH and temperature using the specialised FC2323 Meat Foodcare pH electrode with a Stainless Steel Piercing Blade.

This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards. The HI-98163 is supplied with all necessary accessories to perform a pH/temperature measurement packaged into a durable thermoformed carrying case that holds the meters, probes and calibration buffers securely in place.

Just a nibble into the HI-98163 potential…
œ“ Waterproof – The professional meter is IP67 rated.
œ“ CAL CheckTM – Alerts users to problems.
œ“ Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
œ“ Calibration.
œ“ 200 hour battery life approximately with 1.5V AA batteries (x4).
œ“ Clear display.
œ“ Auto hold.
œ“ Calibration timeout.
œ“ Connectivity.
œ“ GLP.
œ“ Stainless steel body
œ“ Built-In Temperature Sensor

About the FC2323 electrode

Meat products can provide a number of challenges for the person who needs to measure pH. Oils and solids from the meat can coat the sensitive glass membrane surface and/or clog the reference junction.

The FC2323 supplied with the HI-98163 is designed specifically for measuring pH in meat. Design considerations include a stainless steel piercing blade around conic tip shape probe for easy penetration, an open junction that resists clogging, and a Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) food grade plastic body that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including sodium hypochlorite. It has high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength and resistance to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation. PVDF is also resistant to fungal growth. The FC2323 is an ideal general-purpose pH electrode for meat that connects to the HI-98163 with a quick-connect, waterproof DIN connector, allowing for a secure, non-threaded attachment.

The FC2323 is an amplified pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor. This probe is designed with low temperature (LT) glass, a conical tip shape, and is housed in a food grade PVDF body with a removable, piercing stainless steel blade.

This electrode also features a unique open junction design in which there a viscolene (hard gel) electrolyte layer that is free of silver chloride (AgCl) between the sample to be measured and the internal reference cell. The open junction design resists clogging and the probe€™s conical tip makes it ideal for pH measurements in meat and semi-solid food samples.

CAL Check™ feature

The HI-98163 has the Hanna unique CAL Check™ feature that alerts the user to potential problems during the calibration process.
This is a very important for the food processor since it is likely that the probe will be coated with the solids found in the food product being measured. This coating can easily lead to errors in pH measurement.
By comparing previous calibration data to the current calibration, the meter will inform the user, with display prompts, when the probe needs to be cleaned, replaced, or if the pH buffer might be contaminated. After calibration, the overall probe condition is displayed on screen as a percentage from 0 to 100% in increments of 10%. The probe condition is affected by both the offset and slope characteristics of the pH electrode, both of which can be found in the GLP data


Pressing the AutoHold virtual key in measurement mode, the meter will freeze and automatically log a stable reading. An €œout of calibration range€ warning can be enabled that will alert the user when a reading is not within the bracket of calibrated pH values.

Help menu

A contextual help menu based on the screen that is currently being viewed can be accessed at any time by the press of a dedicated button.

Log-on demand

The log-on-demand mode allows the user to record and save up to 200 samples. The logged data, along with the associated GLP data, can then be recalled or transferred to a PC with Hanna€™s HI-920015 micro USB cable and HI-92000 software for traceability in record keeping for specific product batches. GLP data includes date, time, calibration buffers, offset, and slope, and is directly accessible by pressing the dedicated GLP key.

LCD screen

The high contrast, graphic LCD screen is easy to view outdoors in bright sunlight as well as in low-lit areas with the backlight. A combination of dedicated and virtual keys allows for easy, intuitive meter operation in a choice of languages.

Carry case

The compact, durable HI-720161 carrying case is thermoformed to hold all necessary components for taking a field measurement, including the meter and electrode, beakers, buffer solutions and cleaning solutions.

Technical Data

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