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HI-7061M General Purpose Cleaning Solution 230ml

HI-7061M is a general purpose cleaning solution which can be used for a variety of applications. Electrodes become dirty from use and will produce inaccurate results even if they read correctly in a pH buffer. HANNA€™s cleaning solutions eliminate impurities and residues which are left on electrode surfaces when immersed in samples during measurement or when stored incorrectly.

At HANNA, we suggest cleaning the bulb and junction of your electrode on a regular basis in our ready-to-use cleaning solutions to ensure that the probe is always clean and to prevent any clogging of the junction.

All cleaning solutions are packaged in an air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality and freshness. All solutions show a batch number and expiry date.

Available in 230ml and 500ml bottles, and individual 20ml sachets in packs of 25.

Useful tips:
€¢After cleaning, rinse the electrode in tap water and then place in a HANNA Storage Solution before calibrating or taking measurements.
€¢Always follow up with a HANNA Buffer/calibrating Solution for the best results.

Which cleaning solution to use . . .?
General Cleaning

Soak in HANNA General Cleaning Solution (HI7061) for between 30 minutes and 1-and-a-half hours to dissolve mineral deposits and other general coatings. (Non-aggressive formula).
Protein Coating

Soak in HANNA Protein Cleaning Solution (HI-7073) for 15 minutes to enzymatically dissolve deposits from protein sources.
€¢Inorganic Soak

Soak in HANNA Inorganic Cleaning Solution (HI-7074) for 5 to 15 minutes. This cleaner is especially effective at removal of precipitates caused by possible reactions – Usually used in industrial applications.
€¢Oil and Grease Rinse

Oil and grease removal require the correct chemicals to dissolve the coating, but mild enough to leave the electrode unaffected. Use HANNA HI-7007 or HI-8077 Oil and Fat Cleaning Solution for effective cleaning after each measurement, followed by flushing with tap water.

Specialised Cleaning Solutions
€¢Wine deposits (HI-70635L)
€¢Wine stains (HI-70636L)
€¢Salt (HI-70670L)
€¢Cheese (HI-70642L)
€¢Milk (HI-70640L)
€¢Dairy – Cleaning and Disinfection Solution (HI-70641)
€¢Soil (HI-70663L)
€¢Humus (HI-70664L)
€¢Agricultural (HI-700661P)
€¢Ink (HI-70681L)
€¢Algae, Fungi and Bacteria (HI-70671L)
€¢Blood – Cleaning and Disinfection Solution (HI-70632L)
€¢Alkaline cleaning for meat grease and fats (HI-70631L)
€¢Acid cleaning solution for meat grease and fats (HI-700630P)

€¢Cleaning is a fast and effective routine which should be performed on a regular basis as a preventative measure against using dirty equipment.
€¢Always clean the junction and bulb of the electrode
€¢Always clean your meter, electrode or probe before calibration
€¢The most common cause for pH measurement inaccuracies is an unclean or improperly cleaned electrode. This is very important to note, because during calibration, modern pH meters assume that the electrode is clean and will give you a starting point accordingly. So, if you haven€™t cleaned your meter, your readings will be inaccurate from the start.

All ready-to-use cleaning solutions are made with the highest quality of materials and chemicals complying with standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to ensure quality and accuracy. Also available in light blocking bottles to prevent against degradation by UV light compatible with FDA Standards (US Food and Drug Administration).

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