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Product Description

Glass Body Refillable pH Electrode

The HI1043B is a glass bodied refillable double junction
combination pH electrode which is
suitable for
pH measurement of
hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, sea water
strong acid and base solutions, solutions with high conductivity and tris buffers.

It features a 120mm long x 12mm diameter glass body with a 1m long cable and BNC connector

Technical Data
Reference Single, Ag/AgCl
Junction Ceramic, single
Connector See chart
Electrolyte KCl 3.5M
Max Pressure 0.1bar
Range 0 to 14 pH; 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
Tip Shape Spheric (dia: 9.5 mm)
Temperature Sensor No
Amplifier No
Body Material Glass
Recommended Use Hydrocarbon, paints, solvents, sea water, strong acid
and base, high conductivity samples, Tris buffer
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