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Product Description

FOM330 Food Oil Monitor

Ensure that the taste, texture and appearance of fried food is as it should be with this fast and accurate food oil monitor. Simple to operate and available for same-day despatch with free of charge calibration.

The Ebro Food Oil Monitor 330 gives you an objective indication of your oil quality, so that you know exactly when your cooking oil requires changing.​​  From a single foodservice kitchen to a multi-location group, it is widely used to maintain product quality, including taste, appearance and texture, as well as critical food safety standards and acrylamide control.​​
As a general rule, we advise checking cooking oil quality at the end of each trading day, while the fryers are still hot.​




The Ebro FOM330 is the latest and most successful Food Oil Monitor in its series.  Widely across the hospitality and food service sectors, the demand for accurate, rapid results and ease of operation is very capably fulfilled.

The monitor provides an accurate control of oil usage influencing continuity in texture, taste, and appearance of finished product whilst avoiding significant health issues arising from over-use of oil.

Polar compounds, now accepted as a reliable measurement of ageing oils, are assessed by the FOM330 oil monitor and displayed in digital results from zero to fifty.

Along with all the design development carried forward from previous models, this instrument features:

  • Auto ‘Hold’-release function – the instrument automatically releases the Hold function when it senses that it has been returned to hot oil. This eliminates the possibility of the operator transferring frozen readings from vat to vat.
  • Increased digit size in display for greater visibility.
  • Large oil quality signal lamp on top of the instrument gives a bright unmistakable indication of when oil is to be changed.
  • ‘Next Step’ indicator in display – presenting clear yet unmistakably instructions to the user of what to do next.
  • Improved temperature compensation for even greater accuracy in all situations.
  • Larger ergonomic protective cover for increased protection from hot oil splashes.
  • Improved carrying case.

The unique stem guard design offers all round sensor protection, including a tough anti-scratch surface protection across the measuring bars, without jeopardising Ebro’s superior performance criteria for accuracy and speed of response.


Technical Specification


Accuracy Typically ±2.0 polar compound, ±1.0°C temperature Dimensions 125 x 54 x 22mm
Resolution 0.5 polar compound, 1.0°C temperature Sensor Di-electric constant polar compounds. Temperature – thermistor
Battery life 5 years Warranty 2 years
Range 0…40% polar compound, 50…200°C Protection IP67


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