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Product Description

The FC2323 is an amplified pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor. This probe is designed with low temperature (LT) glass, a conical tip shape, and is housed in a food grade PVDF body. It is designed to house a removable, piercing stainless steel blade (FC099 – bought separately).

The FC2323 is an ideal general-purpose pH electrode for meat that connects to the HI-98163 with a quick-connect, waterproof DIN connector, allowing for a secure, non-threaded attachment.#



Meat products can provide a number of challenges for the person who needs to measure pH. Oils and solids from the meat can coat the sensitive glass membrane surface and/or clog the reference junction.

The FC2323, used with the HI-98163, is designed specifically for measuring pH in meat. Design considerations include provisions for a stainless steel piercing blade around conic tip shape probe for easy penetration (FC099 bought separately), an open junction that resists clogging, and a Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) food grade plastic body that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, including sodium hypochlorite. It has high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength and resistance to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation. PVDF is also resistant to fungal growth.

This electrode also features a unique open junction design with a viscolene (hard gel) electrolyte layer that is free of silver chloride (AgCl) between the sample to be measured and the internal reference cell. The open junction design resists clogging and the probe’s conical tip makes it ideal for pH measurements in meat and semi-solid food samples.



Reference Single, Ag/AgCl
Junction Open
Connector Quick Connect DIN
Electrolyte Viscolene
Max Pressure 0.1 bar
Range 0 to 12 pH; @ 0 to 50°C
Tip Shape Conic (6 x 10mm)
Temperature Sensor Yes
Amplifier Yes
Body Material PVDF
Cable 7-pole; 1m
Recommended Use Meat (ideal for use with the HI-98163 & HI-99163 pH meters)


Stainless Steel Knife

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The electrode is built to house a FC099 Stainless Steel Knife. This blade must be bought separately.

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