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Product Description

ETI PT100 – RTD Liquid Temperature Probe

Product code: 160-220

PT100 – RTD Liquid Temperature Probe to work with ETI Precision Thermometer


  • Class A PT100 sensor
  • Suitable for wide range of liquids
  • Maximum probe temperature 200°C.
  • 3.3 x 130mm


This liquid probe with a high accuracy ‘class A’ PT100 sensor, features a rigid, stainless steel stem with a rounded tip.
The probe is suitable for a wide variety of liquid applications.
Response time less than four seconds. Maximum probe temperature 200°C.

Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) offer excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range. Sensors are interchangeable between different manufacturers, and are available in various accuracy ratings and packages to suit most applications.
Unlike thermocouples, it is not necessary to use special cables to connect to the sensor

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