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£175.00 £210.00 (Inc. VAT)

Product Description

Digitron Waterproof 2106T7 Thermometer

Created to meet the demands of the ever changing food industry the 2100 series of Digital Food Thermometers boasts stylish design and enhanced features to ensure a quality and accurate performance at all times.

General Overview

Features of the 2100 series include a food safe design keypad to eliminate potential food traps when used in a catering environment and also has an instant display reading.

Both T Type Thermocouple and Thermistor sensor types are available with lumberg connection along with an optional ruggedised boot providing protection and peace of mind.

Both models boast a €˜hold€™ facility, improved battery life and selectable auto switch-off providing a quality thermometer to meet the demands of HACCP and quality control.

Key Features

  • T Type Thermocouple Sensor
  • -10°C to +50°C/+14F to +122F Operating Temperature
  • 0.1 from -199.9C to +199.9C Resolution
  • -250C to +400C/-418F to +752F
  • Food Safe Keypad
  • Fast Response Display
  • Long battery life typically 1-2 hours of continuous use
  • IP67 waterproof case
  • Robust boot for long life in harsh environments
  • Selectable Auto Switch OFF
  • Magnified backlit digital display
  • ‘Hold’ facility on all models
  • (Selectable on 2108T)
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Calibration certificate included*


Technical Data
Specification 2106T7 Thermometer
Sensor Type T Type Thermocouple
Measurement Range 250°C to +400°C/ -418°F to +752°F
Ambient Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C/+14°F to +122°F
Resolution 0.1°C from -199.9°C to +199°C
Accuracy ±0.2°C/ 0.4°F over range -20°C to +70 °C/

4°F to +158°F ±0.1% rdg ±0.2°C/0.4°F
Overrange/underrange ‘Out’ displayed
Battery Type 2 x AA Alkaline or LiCI
Battery Life 1-2 hours of continuous use for 2 years.
Environmental Specification IP67
Auto Switch-off Time 5 minutes – can be over-ridden by
pressing the ‘Hold’ button when
switching the unit on
Dimensions 40 x 67 x 155mm
Weight 180 grams


T0234LS General Purpose Penetration Probe £41.50

  • Key Features
  • Type T Sensor
  • Lumberg connector
  • Straight cable
  • Max tip temp. 250°/482°F
  • 100mm/3.9″ shaft length


T0112LC General Purpose Needle Probe £49.00

  • Key Features
  • Type T Sensor
  • Lumberg connector
  • Curly cable
  • Max tip temp. 375C°/707°F
  • 60mm/2.4″ shaft length
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