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Product Description

Detectable Pocket Knife

This Detectable Pocket knife is made in Sheffield, England, using high quality stainless steel

for the blade and metal detectable blue nylon for the handle. This multi-functional knife is

ideal for packaging, netting and cutting open sacks in food processing environments.

The blade should be kept sharp by sharpening little and often on an oilstone or a sharpening

steel at an angle of approximately 20° to the stone or steel. The edge should be drawn across

the sharpener from heel to point, taking alternate sides, using firm steady strokes becoming

lighter when finishing.

The knife should not be thrown, used as a lever, pry bar, hammer chisel or wedge. As an open

blade knife extra care should be taken when working and especially when closing the knife.

Blade Length: 55mm / 2¼ Inch
Blade Type: Straight or Serrated
Handle: Textured Detectable Nylon Grip

Keep the blade sharp. Keep the knife clean and dry. Keep the working parts lightly oiled

using a good quality mineral oil. Always cut away from you. Use only for purpose for which

it is intended. Don€™t throw the knife. Don€™t use as a lever, pry bar, hammer, chisel or

wedge. Always work safely with tools and wear approved eye protection. Never use near live

electrical circuits.

Lock Instructions:
This knife features a blade which locks into the open position to minimise the risk of it

accidentally closing while in use. The lock is released by carefully pushing the locking-

lever away from the base of the blade before folding the blade back into the handle.

Please note that this product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an

order for this product, you are declaring that you are aged 18 years or older. This item must

be used responsibly and appropriately, for its intended purpose.

Technical Data

Additional Information
Made in Britain Yes
Detectability Metal Detectable
Antibacterial No
Food Contact Status No
Delivery Approx 5 Working Days
Pack Size 1
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