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Product Description

This magnetically detectable and electrically conductive neoprene fabric is suitable

for food handling /processing applications such as bags, bellows, sheeting, curtains, chutes, etc





The sheeting is dark blue in colour and is easily visually identified as a non-food material. BST can cut your fabric to size and the material can be eyeleted to your bespoke requirements.

The material has surface resistivity resistance of less than 10⁹ ohms and therefore would be classed as anti-static and therefore charges would not build up on the surface to cause a spark issue. The material would also withstand a pressure rating of 8 psi without any leaks.

  • Detectable by conventional metal detection systems
  • Dark blue colour for easy visual identification / food contrast
  • Eyeleting Service Available
  • Complies with FDA 177.2600
  • Surface resistivity resistance of <109 ohms


Key Information

Product Code PR6NS150MB
Pack Size 1
Weight (Kg) 1.500000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Food Contact FDA
Brand BST


Metal Detectable

A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection systems. These materials may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special ferromagnetic additives.

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