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Product Description

Technical Data

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Product Description

The HiCare Beard Snood represents the latest advancements in detectable beard snood and contamination prevention technology. The HiCare Beard Snood benefits are two fold, not only does the product reduce foreign body contamination from stray faciel hairs, but the integral metal grip makes the product metal detectable, preventing the Beard Snood itself becoming a foreign body contaminant.

Facial Hair Facts:

€¢In total by area, you are likely to shed 6 times more hairs from the beard as you are from the head.

€¢30% of beard and moustache hairs are in the Telogen stage (resting). During Telgen stage, hairs are being shed.

€¢Proportionately, there are three times as many beard and moustache hairs at the Telogen stage (resting/shedding) than on the head.

€¢Growth rate of hair in beards is reported to be between 0.27 and 0.4mm in 24hours.

Additional Information
Made in Britain No
Detectability Part Metal Detectable
Antibacterial No
Food Contact Status Not Applicable
Delivery Approx 3-4 Working Days
Pack Size 25
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