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Product Description

Detectable Fine Tip Marker (Pack of 10)

Using high intensity non erasable ink, the Detectable Fine Tip Marker Pen is suitable for

writing onto labels, CDs, shiny/greasy paper & everything you would use a standard fine marker

pen for.

Product Discription

“Super X” – Made using a unique metal detectable polymer which is X-Ray visible and has the

added bonus of an anti-microbial agent, as well as being extremely metal detectable.

“Fine Marker” – Using high intensity non erasable ink, the fine marker refills are housed in

the Detectamet Super X pen casing, this pen is a unique product to Detectamet. The Detectamet

Fine Marker pen is the most suitable pen from the Detectamet range to write onto labels

(including all Detectamet Keyhole labels and plastic labels), CDs and shiny/greasy paper.

Everything you would use a standard fine marker pen for!

This pen also performs extremely well in chilled and frozen applications. Temperature range

approx -20degree cel to +60degree cel (Dependent on other environmental factors).

* Please note that this pen has a lid due to the nature of the ink used. Without a lid the

ink will dry out. The lid is made from metal detectable plastic and has a magnetic clip

attached for extra security.


Additional Information
Tip Type Fine Tip
Pack Quantity 10
Ink Colours Black, Blue, Red & Green
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