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Product Description

Detectable Economy Retractable Pens

Pack of 50

Ink Colours – Black, Blue, Green, Red.

The latest retractable and detectable pen from Detectamet is designed to satisfy the basic requirements for performance and detectability by metal and X-ray monitoring systems used in the food industry. It is produced with a food contrast blue plastic shell with a choice of red, blue, green or black ink in a standard cartridge. The colour of the end button matches the ink.

The pen is shaped and designed with ridges at the point of grip to make them easier to hold firmly in wet and greasy work environments or with gloved hands. The sturdy clip also acts as the release to withdraw the nib. This pen enables additional savings because the ink cartridge can be replaced to make further use of the body of the pen.

The polymer is approved for safe contact with food according to the EU and U.S. regulations and the inks are non-toxic, meeting the requirements of ISO12757-2.

This competitively priced retractable pen doesn’t compromise on detectability to help all food companies produce safer food.

Detectable Economy Retractable Pen Features:

  • Metal detectable
  • X-Ray visible
  • Ink colours: blue, black, red or green
  • Ridged grip for wet and greasy work environments
  • Easily refillable
  • Own branding available and is suitable for use with Detectamet’s Laser Engraver.

Additional Information
Pack Quantity 50
Material Detectable Plastic
Metal Detectable Yes
X-Ray Visible Yes
Ink Colours Black, Blue, Red & Green
Style Retractable refillable pen
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