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Reliable and affordable wireless environmental monitoring system with high accuracy sensors used across a broad range of market sectors.

  • Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor.
  • Configurable audio/visual/email warnings & alarms.
  • Permission based user access with full audit trails.
  • PDF Report generator.
  • Analytical graphing tool with trace overlay.
  • Precision UKAS traceable sensors.

  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Simple installation and expansion.
  • Long range battery powered (5years+) sensors.
  • Extensive range of sensors.



The system securely records all user events, alarms, alarm notes and system changes providing a robust audit trail.


User defined alarm profiles provide a tailored response on how the system alerts you when

sensor readings exceed user defined high and low alarm threshold.


  • Multi-level alarm thresholds and delays for each sensor.
  • Robust audit trail including system configuration changes.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Alerts via the integrated color touch screen display, buzzer & Email.
  • Tamperproof records.



Report Generator tool allows daily and weekly reports to be generated.

All reports are signed with electronic signatures for review,

print and exporting to support any compliance documents.

  • Daily reports.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Alarm overview with action notes.
  • Tamper Proof with electronic signatures.


Our powerful graphing tool allows sensor data

to be reviewed, printed and exported to support any compliance documents.

  • Overlay and compare multiple sensors.
  • Overlay different time periods.
  • Drill down to data at 1 minute intervals.
  • Export sensor data to PDF and CSV files.
  • Robust tamperproof data.


The D3 base station connects directly to your IT network and web server providing a secure user interface accessed via any standard web enabled device.contains a powerful
  • Secure permission based user access.
  • No cloud costs of licence fees.
  • No dedicated PC or database installed on your server.
  • No Software installation.
  • Multi-user access from any PC, laptop or mobile phone



Our wireless temperature monitoring system are designed to be used within HACCPBRCFDAMHRA, HTA & GMP applications with reports and outputs to support compliance.

  • Robust Audit trails
  • Tamperproof data
  • Data integrity checks
  • User access control
  • Digital signatures

Our wireless temperature & humidity sensors can be supplied UKAS calibrated






Accurate and robust range of sensors to cover a broad spectrum of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, energy, flow and digital status.  In addition you can add custom sensor types to monitor 3rd party sensors which means that just about any measurable factor can be monitored.



Our industrial strength wireless network can work in the most harsh environments routing data around the most complex structures and re-routing and adapting as the surrounding environment changes.


Base Station

The base station connects to the local IT network. It receives data from the wireless sensors and provides secure multi-user access to data records and audit trails from any web browser enabled device.


Wireless Routers

Routers are used to strengthen the network and forward messages from wireless sensors when they are not within radio distance of the base station. Routers are mains powered and can route the message between other routers to adapt to the local environment to find the best path back to the base station.

Wireless Sensors

The wireless transmitter sends this sampled reading securely to the base station every minute. If they are not within distance of the base station they can route the message though any local router.





Our intuitive browser-based user interface gives users a quick, simple, dynamic way to access and drill-down into data from any sensor that is being monitored. Meaning alarm notifications can be resolved quickly, saving products, time and money.

The browser interface is a subscription-free, secure, multi-user access portal to data records and audit trails. Meaning its accessable from any web-browser enabled device with connectivity to you network. Systems are fully scalable to meet the demands of monitoring multiple devices across your business.




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